Spanish Party!!!! September 3rd, 8pm-11pm!!



We are going to hold a Spanish Party on the 3rd of September, 8pm to 11pm at the lounge 9th floor in ACE INN Shinjuku!!!


ACE INN guests are FREE entrance!!

We will have original Sangria, "Carimocho", Tequira, Beer, Non alcohol drinks....
Handmade Spanish foods, Latin music, Nice people from Spanish spoken countries, and Japan!!!

Let's have HOT night with us!!!

More information in this website,



!!!!!!!SPANISH PARTY!!!!!!!

Hola!! Todos!!!! Hi Everyone!! みなさん こんにちは!

We are going to have "SPANISH PARTY" on 30th of July from 8pm to 11pm at the lounge!!!!



We will have Spanish foods "Degustaciones", wine, sangria, music and cool people from Spanish speaking countries, JAPAN and other countries!!!!



Do not worry if you don't speak Spanish, just have fun with us!!!!
All guests are free entrance!!!!
Let's have fun with us!!!!! You can make many friends to travel with!!!!
Don't miss it!





(御注意) 当ホテルに直接予約されますとキャンペーン割引が適用されませんので御注意ください。

Hello Everyone!! Now We are having 4YEAR ANNIVERSARY and We would like to Offer you a big discount until June, 30th ,2011!! Please log in to HOSTEL WORLD or HOSTEL BOOKERS so that you can see How much you can save your money!!
Book Now before it’s gone and Have a wonderful time with being in Tokyo!

!!NOTES!! You can get the discount price only if you make a booking from HOSTEL WORLD or HOSTEL BOOKERS.
Multiple discount “anniversary discount & Long term stay discount” is not offered.

 Yu-ske K Updated on June
1, 2011

Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season is coming

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

Tokyo had been cold until last week but from this weeks
It turned to warm or sometime can be hot in daytime
So finally cherry blossoms came into full bloom here in Tokyo

We will explain what Hanami is
There are many cherry trees in Tokyo and beginning of April is
The season of Hanami
Some people have a party viewing cherry blossom in a park
But we say it really good time even just hung around in Tokyo

Of course we advise you the good place to watch them
But as we told you
Now is the one of the best season to come to Tokyo
And the full blooming lasts at most 1week
Don’t miss this season

This is the photo of full blooming cherry blossoms near our hotel

Your messages help Japan recover

We pray for the victims and express sympathy for the casualties
Of the strong earthquake and tsunami which hit northeast of Japan on march.11.2011

Also we fell really grateful to our guest for staying at our hostel in the present situation
And again we apologize for inconvenient as we try to turn off the lights and the heater
In daytime to save electricity in accordance with our government’s request

Now we have a favor to ask all of you whenever you have a chance
Through your face book or twitter
Could you please give your massages saying that the most cites in Japan
Including Tokyo are safe and pleasant to visit now to you friends

While the radiation accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukusima is getting restored
Little by little each day by hundreds of brave engineers
Everything will be all right before long.

We believe the more tourists we have from overseas the quicker Japan can recover.

Finally I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a lot of active support
We have got from all over the world so far
April 1.2011

Manager of ACE INN Shinjuku
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