SUMO!!!! 相撲!!!!

"Sumo" tornament will finally end on this Sunday, 24th of May. Do not miss this chance to get the new experience!! You will be definetely knocked down by watching the fight between fat and naked men.

Surprisingly, "Sumo" wrestling has been continued since 110 year. It is supposed to show the health and strongness of men to the god. Therefore, there is a lot of strict manners, such as the wrestlers are not allowed to put on anything but "Mawashi", which is kind of shorts made by the silk. The wrestlers slap their belly before entering the ring and toss salt around a ring.

Nowadays, there are many non-Japanese wrestlers, such as Mongolian, Russian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Estonian, and so on. The top of the wrestlers, "Yokozuna" are 2 Mongolians now.

The difference of "Sumo" wrestling can be the style of fight. They normaly push and it doens't take long to finish, so people tend to get excited in the short time, only one or 2 minutes. I guess it's one of
the reason why all people love "Sumo".

When you go to see "Sumo", you can be shocked to see that many drunk Japanese people shouting and the wrestlers are fighting in such a small ring.

Kokugikan Sumo stadium.jpg

sumo wrestlers' back shot.jpg

sumo wrestler and Mcdonald's.jpg

sumo figures.jpg

The old strong wrestler, Kirishima.jpg


sumo wrestlers.jpg

What the sumo wrestlers eat, Chanko.jpg

Our guests!!!

These are our guests from Norway, Australia, U.S., England....
We were very happy that they enjoyed their stay at ACE INN Shinjuku!!!

Do you know any of them?? It's very fun to see that somebody had stayed at the different hostel in other city and they happened to meet again at our hostel.

It's a little sad to say good bye to our guests all the time, but also we are pleased to meet the new guests from all over the world.
2008-01-22 004.JPG
2009-04-17 003 (4).jpg
2009-04-17 010.jpg
2009-04-17 019.jpg
2009-04-17 018.jpg

Coming the BIG FESTIVAL "Sanjya Matsuri"!!!!!

"SANJYA MATSURI" is coming up this weekend at Asakusa. It's just 30mins from ACE INN Shinjuku.

It's the one of the biggest festivals in Japan, so do not miss it!
A lot of people are going to see it. It's so exciting to feel the Japanese Matsuri power.
They say "Wasshoi", "Sei-ya!!", "Soi-ya!!" carrying the "Mikoshi" from "Sensoji" shrine stopping at each groups. People from the different groups keep carrying "Mikoshi" to the first place "Sensoji" shrine.

I love this special atmosphere of Japanese festivals, so want you to feel it.
Clubbing on Friday and join the festival on Saturday and Sunday!!
It's the best plan for this weekend!!!

Sanjya Fes Asakusa.jpg
Sanjya guys.jpg
sanjya guys 2.jpg
sanjya kids.jpg
3 girls sanjya.jpg
Taiko girl.jpg
taiko girl 2.jpg
Tabi guy.jpg
三社祭り 刺青男.jpg
三社祭り すごい人 2.jpg
三社祭り すごい人.jpg
三社祭り すごい人.jpg


We,Japanese women are proud of wearing our traditional clothes "Kimono" on
the special occasion, such as a graduation from college, wedding ceremony, new years' events...

Now it's the time to graduate from university in Japan. If you were lucky, you could see many women and men wearing "Kimono" on the street. I hope it would be a good experience for you to join our annual local events.

Don't forget saying, "Omedeto!!!" to them. It means "Congratulations" in Japanese.

kimono woman 3.jpg
kimono woman 2.jpg
kimono woman.jpg

"HANAMI" is coming soon!!!

Do you know "HANAMI" in Japan?

We love 'Sakura', cherry blossoms, and appreciate its beauty every spring. 'Sakura' is the flower of Japan, and represents the peace and happiness. All Japanese have their own memories of 'Sakura'.

During 'Sakura' is blooming, we have a party under the 'Sakura' trees. This is called "HANAMI" in Japanese. It's just for one week to see the 'Sakura', so we will be crazy to enjoy the beauty of 'Sakura' as much as we can.

Spring can be the best season in Japan. If you are planning to visit Japan, do not miss the coming "HANAMI" season, and you guys have to join Japanese parties.

Try 'SAKE and HANAMI' celebration this Spring!!!


ACE INN HP用 花見写真.jpg


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