"ACE INN Tours" for guests in our hostel, Tokyo, Shinjuku.

These pictures are our tours for the guests. We are very happy that they enjoyed the special tour with Japanese guide and the other guests.
The Japanese guides. Risa and Mayuko, took them Harajuku, Shibuya, and some interesting places. They also had a great time with the guests because they could find the new faces of Tokyo with foreigners’ point of view.
We keep doing this tour for our guests; so if you are interested, please feel free to join us!
It is our pleasure to offer you some opportunities to enjoy Tokyo with Japanese guide or other guests. We really hope you will have unforgettable memories with us…



Japanese language exchange for all our guests in ACE INN Shinjuku, hostel in Tokyo!

Why don’t you try speaking Japanese with Japanese people and the other guests from all over the world!!

If you learned some Japanese words with us, it could make your trip more interesting!!!

DATE and PLACE: EVERY MONDAY from 7:30pm in our hostel.

If you are interested, feel free to ask us about it.
NOTE: It’s only for our guests, sorry.
ACE INN Shinjuku would like to help making your unforgettable memory in Tokyo.

TOKYO DEEP TOURs for our guests at ACE INN Shinjuku

We just started some interesting tours for our guests with the Japanese guide and the special fee. There are two big reasons to create those tours. One is that we really want our guests to try the different side of Tokyo, which non-Japanese people can’t find easily, but very attractive. The second reason is that it’s kind of hard to hang out with Japanese people for visitors. Japanese are shy and don’t speak English very much. Therefore, we would be very happy if you joined our tours and enjoyed Tokyo as much as you could.

*Japanese tour guide speak English.
*300YEN(about 3 US dollars)for one person. This will be the tour guide’s transportation fee and lunch.
*All tours are conducted with a minimum group size of 5 people.
If you would like to go somewhere specific, it will be possible to make your own tour.

We will ensure that you have a memorable and different experience.

1.“Otaku” tour in Akihabara and Nakano

We will take you some Anime and Manga stores, where you can shop your favorite Otaku stuff. Then you will try “Maid Café”, where “Maid” will serve you with their original costume and their super high service. We are sure it’s only in Japan and you will love it! Actually there is “Shituji Café” for girls. You will be served by Japanese good looking guys. And we will take you the Japanese local restaurant, such as “Japanese Tachi-gui Soba”, in which you eat Japanese noodle making the big sound and standing at the counter. *If you would like to try any specific foods, please tell us in advance. We will search the nice place for you.

NIKE nakagawa shoko model.jpg

2.Gothic & Lolita or Punk tour in Harajuku and Shibuya

We will take you some Gothic & Lolita or Punk stores on “Takeshita street”, “Kiddy Land”, and “109” fashion building in Shibuya. In Harajuku and Shibuya, it would be fun if you would dress up with your own taste. Harajuku girls and boys look super eccentric, as you would be surprised. For lunch you will try “Kaiten Zushi” place, where sushi plates are served on moving belts in front of you. You will pick any sushi plates whatever you like. If you would like dessert, we will take you Japanese coffee shop, “Kissaten”.

harajyuku kospre gaijin.jpg

harajyuku kospre jap.jpg

red hair girl jap.jpg

3.Night tour at Shinjuku **The additional fee would be required

There is “Golden gai”, where you can feel Japanese retro atmosphere with many small bars. Many moviemakers use this street, so you might have seen this narrow street in any films. Also if you are interested at Japanese gay seen, we will take you the biggest gay town in Japan, “Nicho-me”. There are many Gay bars, Lesbian Bars, or “Okama” bars. “Okama” means men who like to dress or act in women’s way. Usually, “Okama” bars welcome straight people. They have a professional talking and listening technique, so you will have an extremely funny time with them. It’s a good chance to try Japanese Okama’s sweetest service in the world.

onabe bar.jpg

Hello from the youth hostel in Tokyo, Japan!!

Hello to the future our guests!! 未来のお客様へ!!

These are our staff, "Omi" and "Dan", working at ACE INN Shinjuku, the hostel in Tokyo. They have been working with us since 2007 and will help your trip in Tokyo!!


This is Omi Oh from Beijing, China. She came to Tokyo to study the law. She speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English. Here is the message from her to all you guys!

"I will do my best to support your trip in Tokyo!!"

オウミ さんは、中国・北京から東京に法律の勉強をしに来ました。北京語・日本語・英語を話します。
オウミ さんからメッセージ

This is "Dan", Toshio Matani. He has been living in our neighborhood for almost 30years. He knows everything about Tokyo, or Japan!! Here is the message from him.

"Welcome to Japan! Have a lot of fun, getting to know as many Japanese people as possible, trying various kinds of typical Japanese food and visiting a lot of places of interest. You will love Japan much more."



Our guest, "BEN from Sydney!!!" at ACE INN Shinjuku, hostel in Tokyo

This is Ben from Sydney, Australia. He had stayed at our hostel ACE INN Shinjuku for three times. Here is the interview with him about his favorite Tokyo, Japan, and ACE INN Shinjuku.

Reina: “What do you like in Tokyo or Japan?

Ben: “I like the nightlife in Tokyo. My favorite club is “Womb” and “Atom” in Shibuya. When I went to “Womb”, it was so crowded even it was Monday. And a Japanese staff told me FATBOY SLIM is going to play there on Thursday, so I went there again! It was so nice!! I preferred Shibuya more than Roppongi because Roppongi is dirty. I also went to two Jazz bars, “Someday” on Yasukuni-dory, and “Pitt Inn”. I liked “Someday” because it was more relaxed. And I went to the Japanese whisky bar, ”Hermit” in Nishi-Shinjuku. They have all kinds of whiskey. I tried some Japanese Suntry ones, “Yamazaki” and “Hibiki”.”

Reina: “Wow! Did you enjoy the difference between them? Which one did you like?”

Ben: “I like “Yamazaki”!!” He sowed me a bottle.

Reina: “All right, so how about Japanese food?”

Ben: “I like Sushi, Tempura, and something that I ate in Harajuku….t was so nice….I don’t remember the name...”

Reina: “Was it like pancake? Did the restaurant staff cook for you? I guess it must be “Okonomiyaki”?”

Ben: “That’s it! It was very good! I loved that!”

Reina: “Yeah, many of our guests told us they liked “Okonomiyaki. And, how was “Kamikochi”?”

Ben went to “Kamikochi” for hiking.

Ben: “It was beautiful! I enjoyed hiking and saw many mountains. There was National Park.”

Reina: “That’s nice! But mountains are new for you? I think you have much nature in Australia?”

Ben: “No, we don’t have mountains like here. I wanted to see the nature so I liked there.”

Reina: “All right, now I would like to ask you about ACE INN. Why did you choose us, and what do you like?”

Ben: “Location!! ACE INN is in Shinjuku area, so it is very easy to go everywhere, like Shinjuku, Shibuya. I don’t like hostels in Asakusa area. I think you guys are the only one hostel in Shinjuku.I also like ACE INN because it is very clean and you guys have free Internet.”

Reina: “How about capsule beds?”

Ben: “I liked it! It is very comfortable and private. Even if somebody snored, it would be all right in capsules.”

Reina: “Thank you! You can tell me some down sides.”

Ben: “mmm, maybe 9th floor? I think you guys can put some music for making the guests relaxed there. ..

Reina: “Yes, we’ve got to put something fun for our guests. Thanks very much anyway! We are very happy to see you here again.”

Ben: “Thank you, too!”


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